Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Queen of Terror

      One boring night of March this year, while watching something on youtube, my dearest Queen Marie Antoinette of France suddenly popped in to my mind. I did watch  her bitter-sweet, humorous, obnoxious, tumultuous story in youtube. Then I saw another Mary on the Video list, captioned with a creepy seemed murky contained video, entitled "the Most evil woman in the history (Bloody Mary Tudor)". You know what after watching those videos my surreal perception and obsession in Victorian and English fashion and Arts had turned to a lil bit of terror for a while. I was scared to death! those are horrible biographies, sooo dark! But then, we know that murkiness is crucial for every stories in order for them to become interesting right? It's like color blue in  dark hues in a painting of ocean at night. A dark shade of shadow in a sketch to appear like real, and a rum poured into an ordinary dish to make it special (Duh!). However, I strictly advise not to watch or even dare to read those kinds of stories when you are depressed or anxious. It was freaking disturbing though, not a cool divertissement  at all (which reminds me of Black Swan). That night I was about to have a nightmare, Bloody Mary would really cast me off on fire! The end.


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