Thursday, June 16, 2011

oldies but hot?

     Oh Yeah! Music mode right now. Everytime I share or conversing common interests with regards to things that I really love. It gives me so much eagerness, excitement and electricity- like what Billy Elliot says " I can feel the change like it's burning deep inside. It sparks inside of me!". And one of those magical interests aside from fashion is the one for sure, that everybody loves which is "Musique" . Anyways, I would like to share five (5) from the list of my favorite songs of all time. These songs are kinda vintage haha! , and I am not pretty sure if most people my age would enjoy it as much as I do. hahah!

  • Arthur's Theme (Paris Match)- From her album "Quattro". In bossa nova style/a lil bit jazzy, that's why I like it more than the original. It makes me wonder what exactly it feels like being in love at the Big apple. Hmm well the idea itself is already lovely...
  • Girl from Ipanema- Very nice song (either instrumental piano, bossa nova or with vocal). 
  • Laughter in the rain (Neil Sedaka)- It's priceless listening to the song while on your way home, stuck in traffic, while rain keeps pouring and wipers are moving. And you're sitting comfortably next beside the one you love.
  • Downtown (Emma Bunton)- I searched on google about songs that will make you smile, then I found this one, and it's true! I love everything about this song: the melody, lyrics. It gives me some kind of bliss.
  • Life could be a dream (Sh boom)- I remember, when I was like a puppy hahah! My erpats (father) and his cousins were calling me "she boom", because that time it was a hit jingle from San Miguel beer commercial (with APO Hiking Society and Rachel Lobanco). I love 50's vibes the hair spray era! and I just noticed recently that it is part of  Pixar's Cars movie soundtracks.

Arthur's Theme: "when you get caught between the moon and new york city, the best that you can do is fall in love".

Laughter in the rain

Sh boom, Sh boom, Yananananana...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


      Kumusta, I am so pleased to dedicate my blog today for all the fashionista out there... If you are not familiar with our subject today or you just heard his name primarily here. Let me introduce him to ya, I will only give some few highlights of his great rollercoaster recognitions. Bryanboy is a Filipino Top fashion blogger from Manila, known and recognized internationally. He has been featured in variety of renowned glam fashion magazines like Vouge etc. A good friend of Vogue Nippon editor-in-chief (Anna delo Russo). Even the Louis Vuitton's Creative Director/Top designer Marc Jacobs has been impressed with bryan's authenticity and enthusiasm in fashion, then finally Jacobs named one of his bag collections after him, he called it BB Ostrich bag... I became an avid fan since my very first read of his blog called "Bryanboy"-basically about fashion and glimpse of his personal life and lavish lifestyle lol. He's personality is the bomb as in, he's fierce, witty, OUTlandish, candid (he shares even his imperfections, down moments or failures and the like, and his victories!) Truly an inspiration to me. I Luv him much! That photo above is his latest photo from his blog and below is the bag named after!


Baboosh! =D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Music is a cure

      Moods, emotions and present situations certainly are some probable factors to consider in picking music we need at that certain moment of our lives. 

Anyways, I just wanna share this one , I'll make sure it's relevant. One night, I felt strange and confused, I was a lil bit fidget, anxious, weak and I got this almost unbearable kind of sh@# in my chest, exhausted without candid reasons. That was terrible, boredom to the higher level. I did not even want to do anything, I couldn't even cry, I felt empty and worthless (not already suicidal). I was sick of doing things in seeking ways for the  evenness of mind. My mind was idle and I almost hear Imps whispering "You are crap!" (exaggeration) hehe. To make the story short, all of a sudden, I decided to open itunes, then I found out some oldies on the list. Yeah! songs that have been almost forgotten and seemed like they never existed.

           I found songs of the immortal iconic band Beatles, and some few folk/country songs from Peter, Paul and Mary, John Denver and Simon and Gurfankel (Not even sure if my Dad is still familiar with them, kidding). Surprisingly while tuning in, my foggy attention was being caught. I heard magnificent and pampering melody, soft acoustic guitar sound, brilliant words were uttered, perfectly combined. I was like listening to stories that are beautifully delivered and told. When I was closing my eyes I see waterfalls in the rain forest, there were cherry blossom trees and its petals were falling off the ground. I could feel the misty cold weather of the country mountains kissing my face ( IKR! acting like a senti lunatic Emo). Lots of fond memories, childhood friends, travels in the past and lost love ones were being missed (enemies excluded, hehe). Most of my favorite parts were when songsters' voices were harmonized together, it seemed like some little angry and starving ghosts were sent free from my torturing body. My body, mind and soul had found their peace for a while,  a great escape from this really mad and unpredictable world. In short, I found cure  through those oldies. Thank God!

     On the other hand, These photos were taken at the Calaruega Church's garden and a local spa in Tagaytay City. This place is  unquestionably breath-taking. I regret that I was wearing wrong outfit for this pictorial maybe all white will do, to create light aura or maybe serene look, like a spirit hahaha. Honestly I didn't expect it, perhaps one of the most beautiful man-made places I've seen. The vibes in that garden is so dramatic, then tune in to your favorite senti-instrumentals and voila! You just transformed into that girl in the story of the Secret Garden... Luvveett!

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