Tuesday, June 14, 2011


      Kumusta, I am so pleased to dedicate my blog today for all the fashionista out there... If you are not familiar with our subject today or you just heard his name primarily here. Let me introduce him to ya, I will only give some few highlights of his great rollercoaster recognitions. Bryanboy is a Filipino Top fashion blogger from Manila, known and recognized internationally. He has been featured in variety of renowned glam fashion magazines like Vouge etc. A good friend of Vogue Nippon editor-in-chief (Anna delo Russo). Even the Louis Vuitton's Creative Director/Top designer Marc Jacobs has been impressed with bryan's authenticity and enthusiasm in fashion, then finally Jacobs named one of his bag collections after him, he called it BB Ostrich bag... I became an avid fan since my very first read of his blog called "Bryanboy"-basically about fashion and glimpse of his personal life and lavish lifestyle lol. He's personality is the bomb as in, he's fierce, witty, OUTlandish, candid (he shares even his imperfections, down moments or failures and the like, and his victories!) Truly an inspiration to me. I Luv him much! That photo above is his latest photo from his blog and below is the bag named after him...cool!


Baboosh! =D

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