Friday, September 2, 2011


I made this slide show with few pictures from our tribal mission not jut only for a documentation but more on a reminder. Which if ever, I am about to hold off and if the storms in life seem endless. It will remind me of how God  had once saved me out of my previous gloomy days when I was enduring the pain of being in solitude, unheard, filled with fears and uncertainties, when I was helpless, lost and when my spirit was cold and almost dead. It is a reminder of the true essence of life, being united and a family for God. Most of all, the true meaning of love. I'd like to express my gratitude to God for putting up each one of the members in the team. Thank you God  for using Ate Susie as an instrument and giving us opportunity to be part of this. For the desire of Balong to give back through sharing his blessings. For the infectious passion of Kuya Meek through his inspiring pictures. For reminding me the first time you called my name through Erick. For valuing friendship and respect through Kuya Ace and his wisdom. Thank you for allowing me to meet Ate Mai, Her heart and spirit are so infectious God. Thank you for the healing of hearts of my sister Dada and mine. And  thank you for the sponsors, please bless them God. Please, keep on reminding us God that it is all about you and not about us. Help us keep the flame and joy in serving you. Please motivate us more with your love and not just the fears alone.Forgive me, but honestly my main purpose of joining the mission is not only to share, it's more on personal. God knew that my purpose  was more on like a "retreat". I need healing of the heart, I am longing for a rest  and peace of mind coming from God. I need to be moved and be motivated again. I need to feel being loved and learn to love again. It is seeking for help, preventing further ruins to save my soul.Forgive me, but honestly my main purpose of joining the mission is not only to share, it's more on personal. God knew that my purpose  was more on like a "retreat". I need healing of the heart, I am longing for a rest  and peace of mind coming from God. I need to be moved and be motivated again. I need to feel being loved and learn to love again. It is seeking for help, preventing further ruins to save my soul.I learned a lot from that mission trip, I was expecting it, I prayed for it and claimed it and God has bestowed much more than what I've expected to acquire from the Mission trip. I am very fulfilled. God has healed my cold and wounded heart that I'd been kept for very long time. That trip was like watching a movie and the people that I have met are the characters. Aside from treasuring the joy of simplicity.I also learned different important lessons taken from each designated character. Lessons that for sure will linger forever and will be imparted to any persons I know which will might be needing it. I was moved and touched, It's like a movie that you don't wanna end. But most of all, I am giving all the praises and credits to the greatest director and story writer of all times "God".

The song "Draw me close to you" by Michael W. Smith, contains the exact message of mine personally  to God. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keep on sailing.

 My Team family and I went to Palawan Island few days ago for our very first tribal mission. We were really inspired and amazed by the beauty of the island. On our second day, we decided to visit the nearest (but not so near) beach on the tribe. We had to walk down from the mountain (where the tribal community is located and where we were staying). It took almost an hour of walking before we finally reached the ocean. The road was very slippery and muddy but we'd managed to make it much exciting. I actually enjoyed the challenges. It's amazing that I never felt exhausted. The  rain was really pouring hard, it added thrill and more excitement on our trip. We are all adults in the team, but that moment had made our spirits feel like kids again. We were chasing each other to throw off wet sands. There were outburst of  laughters everywhere like the fun would never be ceased. That was pure, priceless and genuine joy. We also had fun striking some poses on the beach photographed by my artistic friend. 

On the other hand, about my set. Summer is all about colors, bold and neon. But its interesting though to try this time the power of basics, plains and dark. Plus, hot season is totally over anywhere right? so it was like post summer or summer hangover pictorial lol. Seriously, I feel secured and chic with these murky hues. It's my uniform.

Polyvore Sets (tribute to local filipino fashionable celebs)

Here are some of my polyvore sets featuring local female actors in the Philippines. And these girls for me, are also the ones who should be looked up to interms of personal styling. Photos courtesy of some renowned glossy magazines in the country. I hope you'll like it! =D

Kim Chiu-This Pinoy Big Brother (reality show) teens edition winner has made her way into stardom not just because of her charm and cute turned gorgeous oriental face. But also her young, bubbly, bold and up-to-date fashion taste.

  Iza Calzado- The only word I've uttered after seeing the July issue cover of Preview Mag is "Wow!!!". See it yourself! I love the color combinations. I am not a fan of fringed dress but this one for me is very stunning. 

KC Concepcion- She's gorgeous as always! For me She's an epitome of true beauty, for being very passionate in everything she does. Her mind is very admirable especially her heart. Next to God, She's one of those who consistently inspire me to care for others and help others in the best way I can through her great advocacy and passion in her craft.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ice Fever

This latest performance of Figure Skating Olympic Champion- Yuna Kim for her summer show gives me chills!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Polyvore: First set of sets (Favorites)

        I accidentally discovered Polyvore here on the net few days ago. And it is freaking addictive lol. I've been consuming few hours a day just to make one set. I make sure that I create the best and I give my best for each set. I'am telling you, for me this is much  better than Facebook. Since I am not that expressive verbally and through actions. However, I find Polyvore as brilliant and creative alternative for self expression. Each piece of the "art" is an expression of my certain mood or what I exactly feel on that mere moment. You can really tell if I feel happy, blue, so-so (inspired or not-so- inspired) through my sets.
 Fashion blogger BryanBoy on his trip to India.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Queen of Terror

      One boring night of March this year, while watching something on youtube, my dearest Queen Marie Antoinette of France suddenly popped in to my mind. I did watch  her bitter-sweet, humorous, obnoxious, tumultuous story in youtube. Then I saw another Mary on the Video list, captioned with a creepy seemed murky contained video, entitled "the Most evil woman in the history (Bloody Mary Tudor)". You know what after watching those videos my surreal perception and obsession in Victorian and English fashion and Arts had turned to a lil bit of terror for a while. I was scared to death! those are horrible biographies, sooo dark! But then, we know that murkiness is crucial for every stories in order for them to become interesting right? It's like color blue in  dark hues in a painting of ocean at night. A dark shade of shadow in a sketch to appear like real, and a rum poured into an ordinary dish to make it special (Duh!). However, I strictly advise not to watch or even dare to read those kinds of stories when you are depressed or anxious. It was freaking disturbing though, not a cool divertissement  at all (which reminds me of Black Swan). That night I was about to have a nightmare, Bloody Mary would really cast me off on fire! The end.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

oldies but hot?

     Oh Yeah! Music mode right now. Everytime I share or conversing common interests with regards to things that I really love. It gives me so much eagerness, excitement and electricity- like what Billy Elliot says " I can feel the change like it's burning deep inside. It sparks inside of me!". And one of those magical interests aside from fashion is the one for sure, that everybody loves which is "Musique" . Anyways, I would like to share five (5) from the list of my favorite songs of all time. These songs are kinda vintage haha! , and I am not pretty sure if most people my age would enjoy it as much as I do. hahah!

  • Arthur's Theme (Paris Match)- From her album "Quattro". In bossa nova style/a lil bit jazzy, that's why I like it more than the original. It makes me wonder what exactly it feels like being in love at the Big apple. Hmm well the idea itself is already lovely...
  • Girl from Ipanema- Very nice song (either instrumental piano, bossa nova or with vocal). 
  • Laughter in the rain (Neil Sedaka)- It's priceless listening to the song while on your way home, stuck in traffic, while rain keeps pouring and wipers are moving. And you're sitting comfortably next beside the one you love.
  • Downtown (Emma Bunton)- I searched on google about songs that will make you smile, then I found this one, and it's true! I love everything about this song: the melody, lyrics. It gives me some kind of bliss.
  • Life could be a dream (Sh boom)- I remember, when I was like a puppy hahah! My erpats (father) and his cousins were calling me "she boom", because that time it was a hit jingle from San Miguel beer commercial (with APO Hiking Society and Rachel Lobanco). I love 50's vibes the hair spray era! and I just noticed recently that it is part of  Pixar's Cars movie soundtracks.

Arthur's Theme: "when you get caught between the moon and new york city, the best that you can do is fall in love".

Laughter in the rain

Sh boom, Sh boom, Yananananana...