Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keep on sailing.

 My Team family and I went to Palawan Island few days ago for our very first tribal mission. We were really inspired and amazed by the beauty of the island. On our second day, we decided to visit the nearest (but not so near) beach on the tribe. We had to walk down from the mountain (where the tribal community is located and where we were staying). It took almost an hour of walking before we finally reached the ocean. The road was very slippery and muddy but we'd managed to make it much exciting. I actually enjoyed the challenges. It's amazing that I never felt exhausted. The  rain was really pouring hard, it added thrill and more excitement on our trip. We are all adults in the team, but that moment had made our spirits feel like kids again. We were chasing each other to throw off wet sands. There were outburst of  laughters everywhere like the fun would never be ceased. That was pure, priceless and genuine joy. We also had fun striking some poses on the beach photographed by my artistic friend. 

On the other hand, about my set. Summer is all about colors, bold and neon. But its interesting though to try this time the power of basics, plains and dark. Plus, hot season is totally over anywhere right? so it was like post summer or summer hangover pictorial lol. Seriously, I feel secured and chic with these murky hues. It's my uniform.

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